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Functional milk proteins

On top of that, the combination of ingredients in our milk preparations help our buyers in other ways:

  • Functionality in the final applications is improved
  • Processing conditions are simplified
  • The risk of production errors is reduced

We sell our milk preparations to different industries; yoghurt, ice cream, milk drinks, confectionery.

The milk powder preparations that Havero Hoogwegt offers are produced under our own supervision and quality assurance. Our state-of-the-art production locations work under strict hygienic conditions and under supervision of the Veterinary Authorities. The production lines are operated by well trained staff and our factories are monitored by HACCP procedures. In our production lines you will find everything to secure a good quality of your end product; different sieves, magnets and metal detection. Our in-house laboratory monitors ingredients and end products for microbiological, chemical and physical parameters. Customer requirements are our priority. We select our ingredients and we produce according to your specific quality requirements. Having many different dairy ingredients in stock we can guarantee short lead times.

Packaging possibilities
We have the possibility of packing in different ways; 20 and 25 kg bags are possible as well as 300 – 1.000 kg big bags. Small bags and big bags can be loaded on different pallet sizes both wood and plastic.

Hapro - Cheese for cheese products

Hapro - Ice for ice cream

Hapro - Milk for chocolate

Hapro - Yo for yoghurt

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