We add service.

Through our services, we add vision and value to our customers’ business. Hoogwegt offers you the following services:

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We add risk management.

We add vision and value through managing trade risks.

Volatile dairy prices pose serious challenges to all market participants. Suppliers want maximum certainty about selling prices, while buyers need predictable cost prices. Hoogwegt has always been at the forefront of risk management in the dairy trade, and our services in this allow us to hedge trade risks for all those involved.

Tailor-made risk management strategies

We add vision and value to your business with tailor-made risk management strategies, and actively participate in three of the most important dairy futures markets; NZX, CME and EEX. This allows you to confidently commit to long-term agreements.

A pioneer in futures trading

In many parts of the world, such as in the USA, Australia, South-East Asia and Africa, Hoogwegt has been playing a leading role in futures trading for decades. In other regions, where managing price risks through futures trading is relatively new, we are regarded as a pioneer in the field.

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We add logistic services.

We add vision and value through smart logistics solutions.

Hoogwegt handles more than 2 million metric tons of dairy products per year; that is more than 130,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent). The volumes that we ship every day enable us to constantly negotiate the best terms for our customers. Even more important to our customers, however, is the reliability of delivery times.

In-house logistics solutions

Because of our size and global presence, we can organize all the logistics ourselves. With over 450 employees worldwide, two-thirds are in our back office. They specialize in getting your products delivered to any destination in the world, including the most challenging locations. Our back-office professionals take care of all the necessary documents, tailored to each customers’ needs and specific country requirements, for trouble-free delivery.

Seabird International Shipping: Our own international forwarding company

Through our subsidiary Seabird International Shipping, we can provide comprehensive logistic support for both import and export projects, by either conventional or containerized cargo, and using regular liner vessels or chartered tonnage.

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We add market intelligence.

We add vision and value through real-time market intelligence.

Hoogwegt is the largest privately owned supplier of dairy products in the world, active in over 130 countries. We have our own offices in all major dairy producing and purchasing regions. That makes us one of the few players in the field that has call on truly global knowledge and experience of the market.

We believe in sharing

Not only do we have a great amount of first hand market information, we are also prepared to share this with our partners. We firmly believe in sharing information, not least because it is also in our own long-term interests. If you wish, we can send you a monthly trade report, focusing on your particular field of business. Our professionals will also proactively share any market intelligence which we believe may be of use to you.

Hoogwegt Horizons

By subscribing to our newsletter Hoogwegt Horizons, you can benefit from our thoughts and insights on the global dairy business every month. Please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter if you are interested in receiving a copy by e-mail.

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We add quality assurance.

To safeguard product quality and optimize business processes.

At Hoogwegt, we don’t believe in shortcuts. We believe that quality always pays dividends. That’s why we recognize the need for traceability to ensure food safety and consistency of quality. Our Quality Department ensures product quality assurance, audits business processes, and initiates application and product development. 

Quality standards

We expect all our partners to operate according to the highest standards of quality assurance – and of course, we also apply those same standards to ourselves. Hoogwegt leads when it comes to quality and efficiency. Many Hoogwegt subsidiary companies have been certified according to the industry's quality standards, including IFS Broker, SKAL and VLOG. Also, some are member of the Sedex system, which promotes ethical and responsible supply chains. Please check out the Hoogwegt company overview page to see which specific quality and efficiency certificates your preferred supplier holds.  

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We add product development.

We have an in-house application lab for product development and testing.

We are happy to share our in-house laboratory facilities with you. At the Hoogwegt Food Experience Center, we have all the resources to simulate a production environment on a small scale. But we also build our knowledge around applications, conduct product innovations and extensive product tests to make sure we can offer you the products you require. Our facilities are suitable for applications in the field of ice cream, yoghurt, milk drinks, and processed cheese.

Tailored ingredients and new product innovations

By developing customer specific blends, we can help companies in the food industry to reduce the cost price of their ingredients and improve their functionality. The result: better products at lower costs.
We also conduct research on new, hybrid solutions for your food applications. Curious to know more? Contact us and find our how we can help you get the best products for your market.