Hi! We’re Hoogwegt. We’re the world’s largest privately owned dairy ingredient provider.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1965, Hoogwegt has grown to become the world’s largest independent supplier of dairy products and ingredients, active in over 130 countries. Thanks to our global network, 55 years of experience and a team of commercial, technical and logistics experts, we add vision and value to your business by providing high quality products, real-time market intelligence, smart logistics services and tailor-made risk management solutions. It all adds up to benefit you!

We add delightful dairy products.

Hoogwegt provides an extensive range of essential milk powders, dairy ingredients, cheeses and liquid dairy for the world food and feed industry. If you don't see your required product listed, please contact us to find out its availability.

  • Dairy essential products

    We offer a wide range of milk powders, lactose, butter fats and whey products and other essential dairy products. These are available in a variety of qualities, specifications, and pack sizes.

  • Dairy ingredients

    Dairy proteins play an essential role in today’s food industry. Their quality and composition increasingly determine the final product’s quality, as well as its cost price structure.

  • Cheese products

    A variety of cheeses for a wide range of applications, for buyers and suppliers all over the world. Our three main market segments are industry, retail and specialties.

  • Liquid dairy

    We cover the liquid dairy market with an extensive range of liquid and concentrated dairy products, such as raw milk, cream, concentrates, and pasteurized milk.

We add services that make the difference.

As a Hoogwegt customer, you can rely on us to deliver the high quality products your require. With our strong global business network, dedicated market intelligence, and presence across the continents, we oversee the entire dairy market. This ensures that we can deliver you the best dairy product anywhere around the globe, on time and with the best services. That’s how we add vision and value.

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