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Hoogwegt invests in greenhouse gas reduction

Hoogwegt is among the first five Dutch companies to purchase carbon credits issued by Rabo Carbon Bank, of the Rabobank. The credits are being used to help farmers in the Netherlands and the US to remove carbon from the atmosphere by regenerative farming. The investment in carbon credits is one of the actions to reduce total emissions in the supply chain we operate in.

According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization 4% of the worlds human-derived greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the global dairy sector; the same amount as by the entire United Kingdom. As a global supplier in dairy products Hoogwegt is eager to contribute to the solution. In our Corporate Social Responsibility plan we have set ourselves firm goals for the reduction of greenhouse gases on three levels: 1 & 2, direct and indirect emissions by our own operations and level 3, indirect emissions by our partners in the supply chain from farm to consumer.

Of the global dairy carbon emissions, over 90% originates at farm level. Therefore, by purchasing Rabo carbon credits, Hoogwegt stimulates its suppliers to invest in adopting regenerative practices, which are aimed at stimulating bio-diversity and reducing the impact of farming on the environment. By adopting regenerative practices, farmers can reduce carbon emissions and sequester carbon into their soils. On average, an estimated 1-3 tons of CO2eq can be removed from the atmosphere per hectare per year.

Rabo Carbon Bank of the Rabobank advises farmers on different practices, and monitors them on the actual implementation of practice changes. They also measure the carbon stock levels in the soil, annually over a 3-year contract period.

The purchase of Rabo carbon credits is one of many initiatives by Hoogwegt to contribute to greenhouse gas reduction.